Fleur Josephine is a full-time artist currently living and working in Dubai. Fleur is most known for her portraits of people and animals, but also for her colourful paintings.

Fleur was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As a kid she always loved everything related to art; drawing, painting and customizing anything that could be customized. Her mom even says the only way to get Fleur focused and relaxed was when she was doing something creative. She paints whatever she likes in a way that attracts her even more, inspiration comes from everywhere; grafitti, pictures of known and unknown people, work of other artists and commercials.

Eventhough Fleur is an artist, she never went to art school. In highschool she did choose a package that included a lot of art and art history, but after that she studied Hotel Management and thought it was time to start “the real life” like everyone else. After working in a lot of different jobs in hotels and other fields she realized that only working on art truly fulfilled

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