ROUND BEACH TOWEL: Biggdesign beach towel is made from super soft cotton fabric to ensure safe, natural and long-lasting use.

LARGE SIZE: To make sure you sit comfortably, this towel comes in an extra-large 160 cm size that provides plenty of space for you to lie down and enjoy a relaxing sunbathing session. It is ideal for larger adults and families with several small children. It has a medium thickness. Despite its extra-large size, it is light enough to be easily folded or rolled and can effortlessly fit into a beach or travel bag.

ULTRA SOFT AND ABSORBENT: High-quality premium cotton  construction creates a super soft breathable texture that feels luxurious to the touch. It offers excellent absorbency and unique quick-dry technology making it the best pool and beach towel.

DURABLE: This beach towel is a combination of long and short fibers that are tightly twisted together for creating a super-strong fabric. It will retain the look, feel and performance against chlorine, regular use and machine wash.

SPECIAL DESIGN:  This beach towel has 3 style options and suitable for multipurpose use in other situations as well. You can use for a camping, picnic, yoga or pilates session as well as a decorative fabric or throw blanket.

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